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Hosea Gourmet

I’m a 3rd generation Hosea carrying on sacred family recipes¬† and incorporating them into healthy, flavor filled dishes created with love and soul in the form of pre-made or made to order meals for singles and families of up to 6. We also do community work, caterings, corporate events and private parties.

We also offer work opportunities for felons and those who have a harder time finding work due to past history because all anyone needed was the opportunity to do better.


From My Soul, To Your Stomach, Filled With Love

Catering Available. Contact us Today for more info


Pricing & Info

$75 deposit to come out

$100 small event catering

$500 large event catering

Weddings and special events please contact us for more info.

For Small booking that I do concessions at (like the football games). $75 deposit to come out!  All sales are mine.